Monday, July 2, 2012

How to be Positive...


  • Realize that it is really all in our mind! What goes on in your mind can really determine your actions and decides whether you're positive or negative. If you always think negative thoughts, you're always going to turn out to be a negative person. It is better to think about positive thoughts.
  • Think of the cup as half full and filling up!
  • Making progress is success. If you are positively engaging events within yourself - in your thoughts - then there is no goal in which you can not make progress. Your engaged goals are powerful!
  • Think about what you want (that's a goal), not about what you don't want (that's worry). Goal driven activity requires positive thinking.
  • Be sure to cultivate positive thinking for purposeful reasons - to enhance the quality of your life and the lives of others.
  • Find some things positive to say to yourself and repeat them often. Use statements such as "I am a very positive person," "I am very capable," "I can do anything when I put my mind to work on it," and "I can do it."
  • Print these instructions and keep them for reference.
  • Don't give up. Good habits can replace bad ones by continuous perseverance.
  • Hang around negativity and you'll become negative. Hang around positive people and you will become and be like them!
  • Remember that you’re in control of your thoughts. If you’re thinking negative, you can change it anytime by thinking about something positive.
  • Getting your blood flowing by exercising increases your energy. When you have energy, you think positive.
  • Every morning look at yourself in the mirror and think about five good qualities you have.
  • Try meditating. This will make your mind sharp and fill you with positive ideas.
  • Smile at strangers. Although this may seem a little weird, it actually makes you feel more positive and happy. You may even brighten that other person's day.
  • Listen to music. It's a great way to remain positive.
  • Volunteering. Helping others leads to a happier outlook on life.

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