Sunday, September 30, 2012


Ya Allah,

Andai tiba masanya,
Andai hambaMu bersedia,
Andai cinta itu bersemi,
RestuMu tanda cinta sejati..

Ya Allah,
Andai pintu hati ini ditakluki,
Biarlah dia hamba yang menjaga agamaMu,
Kerana redhaMu sentiasa bersama,
IzinMu adalah takdir kami hambaMu..

Ya Allah,
Andai dia jodohku,
Andai dia nakhoda yang akan mengemudi jalanku,
Berilah petunjuk dan restuMu,
Agar bersemi cinta kami diatas redhaMu..

Ya Allah,
Peliharalah hati hambaMu ini,
Agar pemegang kunci hati ini adalah mujahid yang setia di jalanMu..


Andai tiada kesempatan lagi, untuk kita bersama meniti hari, kerana hidup menyusur takdir Ilahi, mengertilah tidakkan sekali terlerai ikatan yang terpatri.

Lamun mencipta alunan hati, hiasan irama nada yang sepi, dakap rindu merantai langkah insani, segenap ruang jiwa sunyi mencari cinta yang suci.

salju melanda sehangat api, meronta kalbu ditusuk jalar berduri, kala pilu menyelimut tanpa simpati, seluas alam bagai tiada bererti palsu dan mimpi.

Kerana Allah untuk selamanya persahabatan ini kekal dan abadi.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Labor Day Movie

Labor Day Movie: Labor Day... A time to celebrate the value of work, the reward or rest and the honor it brings.

In 5 Years Movie

In 5 Years Movie: Here is what I know to be true...brbrIf you are willing to start working on yourself, never give up on the pursuit of your dreams and make the most of the moments you've been given...You WILL accomplish extraordinary things in a very short amount of time.brbrAnd to prove it...I'd like you to watch today's video and see how much you can get done when you put your mind to it.

If I Had My Child To Raise Again Movie

If I Had My Child To Raise Again Movie: We're excited to share with you a short inspirational movie based on the highly acclaimed poem "If I Had My Child to Raise Over Again" by Diana Loomans. We often say children grow up in a flash - that before you know it, they turn from grinning toddlers to insolent teenagers. Perhaps it isn't about the speed in which they grow, it's about how present we are able to be in each and every moment of their lives. It's about how we cherish the time we spend with them. Take just 3 minutes now to watch this short movie. Sit back, turn up your speakers and enjoy!

The One Flaw In Women Movie

The One Flaw In Women Movie: Women are a beautiful and integral part of our lives. They are strong, courageous, caring, sensual, loving and hold a special place in our hearts. Yet even though they impress us with who they are, there is still one flaw that all women have. Today, I invite you to gift yourself and the women in your life a few moments to feel inspired and uplifted. I'm very proud to present an inspirational short movie called "The One Flaw in Women". It has been produced as a tribute to women around the world and is brought to you with the hope that it might brighten your day and do the same for the important women in your life.