Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Romance Quote..

If in this lifetime,
I wont get to have you,
I'll make sure that if
I meet you in my next life
I wont have to think twice on
saying that
"I waited a lifetime to say I love you..."

If You Love Me Like You Told Me
Please Be Careful With My Heart.
You Can Take It
Just Don't Break It
Or My World Would Fall Apart.

To see you is what my eyes long for,
to touch you is what my body longs for,
but to love you,
my heart has done already for a long time.

If, each time I thought of you were a flower,
I could walk in my garden forever.

The moment I looked in your eyes I fell in love.
Every time I look I fall in love again.
I've looked so many times,
and have gathered so much love.
I have so much to carry with me
I don't know what to do

Loving you is what I've learned so easily.
Trying to forget you is the last thing
I could possibly learn
because I'm deeply in love with you.

I would give up everything
for one moment with you;
for one moment
is better than a lifetime of not knowing you

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