Sunday, November 18, 2012

True Beauty Inside

When you're in the checkout line and there's a fashion magazine in front of you, or when you watch television or view internet ads with gorgeous models pushing the latest product, here is a motto for you to remember: 
True beauty comes from within.
Truly beautiful women realize that their gentle spirit, their courageous nature, and their fortitude in adversity are more valuable assets than jewels, designer handbags, or luxury shoes.
Truly beautiful women know that gratitude in their hearts makes more of an impact than cosmetic surgery.
Truly beautiful women understand that compassionate words, a kind voice, and patience when working with others makes more of an impression than a tailored suit. 
Truly beautiful women believe that a warm smile makes more of a statement than jar upon jar of face cream. 
Our biggest challenge is to accept the true nature of our inner beauty, and to honor and respect that of others. 
I know you are beautiful inside: it's what makes you valuable, successful, and unique in our universe. True beauty is within: let your beauty shine.

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