Monday, November 19, 2012

Am I ready to apologize.....

Apologizing is one of those things which we all need to do at some time.  It can be painful because no one likes apologizing because no one likes being wrong.  Even little kids hate apologizing, so it is probably this combination of aversion and lack of practice that make it hard to apologize in a sincere and constructive way.  That said, it’s not really that hard to give a good apology if you know you were wrong and are ready.  Apologizing well is a skill which can be very handy in all walks of life because we all make mistakes at some point, and a good apology will clear the air and allow you to move forward.

So what is a good apology? 
The mark of a good apology is that the person who you are apologizing to will feel better and so will you.  It is a real win-win.  There is no point in leaving lingering pain in your life, you are only setting yourself up for future regrets.

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