Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Read Body Language: Attraction And Flirting

If you are single and looking for love, here is a fact that might surprise you.Ninety percent of what you say to the people you meet is non-verbal.Very often we give clues and signals to those we are attracted to without even realizing it.In most cases, you are reading someone's signals and forming a negative or positive impression without knowing why you are doing so.Non-verbal signals, or what is known as body language, can have five times more of an effect on a person than the actual words you may speak.
One of the most common types of body language is the smile.The smile is a universal sign of acceptance and happiness.A smile that reaches the eyes is a genuine smile that says you are welcome to come closer.
Something else to look for is eye contact.Sometimes you can almost feel someone looking at you, or you catch it from the corner of your eye.If someone you may find interesting is looking at you, turn towards him or her and lock eyes, but for only a few seconds.A direct stare lasting more than a few moments can be considered aggressive or hostile.Hold the contact for a few moments and then look down.Don't forget to smile.
If you can see someone looking at you from across the room look for other signs of interest.A person may gaze at you, look away, and then return their gaze to you again.They will probably have a slight smile on their face.If you turn and catch the gaze, and they smile or even blush and look down, you have caught their interest.
When you are talking with someone for the first time there are quite a few signals they can give you as to their willingness to continue the conversation.Subtle non-verbal signs are given off that can say "I like you" or "I am interested".

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