Monday, November 19, 2012

Reason to Travel The World

It’s Awesome:
Travelling just gives such a general sense of ‘WOW’. All the different experiences (both good and bad) just make you feel alive and part of this wonderful world.
Experience Different Cultures:
Living in one place for a long time (or all your life) can lead you to believe that everyone else has the same customs and habits. Venturing out to other countries with different cultures to yours can be really eye-opening. The ways in which people live throughout the world are truly fascinating.
Endless Choices and Possibilities:
There are 195 official countries in the world. When travelling, you have hundreds of choices of where to go, how long to stay and what to do. You can go to a place for adventure, sports, culture, work or just total relaxation. You can even make it a combination of all of the above.
You Will Grow As a Person:
Whoever you think you are right now and whatever you think you want from life right now will change if you travel for a long time. You will see the world, experience different cultures and meet many people. You will learn much about yourself and your expectations and goals in life may just change completely.
Better Social Skills:
When travelling, you are constantly in contact with people. Whether they be locals or tourists, you will need them, and they will need you. Initially it may be very hard, but over time you will become better at talking to strangers and making new friends.
Making New Friends:
Travelling the globe will result in you meeting many people, some interesting and some dull. The chances are big that you will make friends in many countries, and some of those friendships may be for life. I have some friends in countries around the world that I met on a vacation, and I could stay with them any time and visa versa.
Meet People from Every Nationality:
It’s not necessary but it can definitely be a fun goal. Speak to a person from every nationality.
Pay With Different Currencies:
There are so many different types of currencies in the world. Dollars, Euros, Pesos, Yens and countless others. Each currency has different coins and notes. Nice to look at and have in your wallet.
Experience Different Climates:
One of the beauties about travelling is that you have the choice where you want to go. This means you can choose the kind of climate you want to be in. You can have a year of summer or a year of winter. You can go to the sun in the middle of winter and to the snow in the middle of summer.
Realize That You Do Not Need Much To Survive:
I have lots of things in my room and my house at home. When I travel, I have a suitcase and a backpack, and I live out of that for months at a time. Besides a suitcase of clothes and some things like a laptop, camera and cellphone, all you need is money so you can rent an apartment and pay for your travels.
All The Delicious Foods and Dishes:
Different countries and different cultures mean different dishes and different food. Yummy food! I personally think eating is one of the more fun things to do in life. So travel and eat Indian, Thai, seafood, steak, rice, roasts and much much more.
Learn to Deal With Loneliness:
When travelling there will be times when you feel lonely or miss home. You will become a better person if you learn how to handle these emotions in a positive way and grow from them instead of letting it eat away at you.
Learn to Deal With Boredom:
Boredom is something that will inevitably show its head when you are out and about, travelling the world. However, it is up to you how that boredom affects you. There are always many different things you can do to never be bored, and on your travels you will discover how to get rid of boredom.
Become Street-Wise:
In different countries there are always scums and predators taking advantage of tourists. You will learn to spot these people and trust your judgement when something doesn’t feel right. You will also find that often you can negotiate and barter with people, because local prices are often much less than tourist prices for the same items or services.
Learn to Adapt and Improvise:
When travelling, there is not always a fixed plan or routine. Sometimes you will need to make adjustments on the spot in order to get things done and to get to where you need to be.
Increase Confidence and Trust in Yourself:
If you are travelling alone, or even with someone, there are always a lot of decisions that you have to make. Doubting yourself can cause a lot of hassle, so over time you will learn to be more confident with your decisions and trust your own judgement.
Travelling Can Be Cheap:
Some people think that travelling the world means spending a fortune. The most expensive part of travelling is probably the plane tickets. If you plan your travels you can find cheap accommodation and food and adventures do not have to be expensive either.

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