Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to be strong in life....

When you face tough times or big problems the following is a great action plan that can help you move forward and become strong:
  • Let go: A weak person becomes attached to his past and unable to move on while a real strong person decides to let go and to find another way to get what he wants or even a better alternative
  • Educate yourself: Each and every new problem you face might require some additional knowledge that you don't currently posses. In order to be really strong in life you need to be able to acquire the right knowledge you need to solve your problems
  • Fix your belief system: Once you believe you can do something nothing can stop you but the problem is that you will never be able to have such a belief before you get rid of the other limiting beliefs you have in your mind
  • Don't run: You can never become strong if you run from your problems. Don't fall prey to self deception because sometimes your mind will provide you with an escapement method that is so stealth to be noticed in order to help you escape without feeling guilty. For example some people who fear social life start to develop internet addiction not because they like the internet but because it helps them find an excuse to escape from their problems without feeling bad

Final words about strength in life

I would be lying if i told you that those tips are the only ones you need in order to be strong in life but certainly applying them will make you much more stronger in the face of life problems.

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