Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Love Is Great ... Value the Love you have!

You may have lost someone, or things are not good ... but check out your life and realize what love you have. Personally, I have lots of people who love me including family and friends. Think about who loves you .... family, friends, pets? There are even people out there who might not really know you, but are caring and actually give love to those they don't know.
Check your life and think about who loves you ... Life is worth living, there is love in pretty much everyones life if you pay attention. And don't forget to let those you love know that you love them ... and let them know often!
Too often people regret not letting loved ones in their life know how much they are loved. If you don't already have a habit of telling your loved ones that you do love them ... start a new habit of doing it often. In my family, hugs are done often and before leaving or ending a cell phone conversation our closing statement is "Love you!" And an important thing is we mean it!

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