Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Will Miss You

Its hard for me to say. That I will be missing you. When you leave here. I will be waiting for you too come back. But I will be missing you so hard. That I will want you to come home again. To spend time with me. I will miss not being able to talk to you. I know that is something that I like so much. being able to hear from you. Having so much fun like we do. When we are together. Not being able to hear that voice that you have. I just love that sweet voice that you have. Even though, I do most of the talking. That is something that is so great about you. For I know that I can vent at you. You just know how to make me feel so much better. When you don't say anything at all. I love that so much. I will be missing that about you the most. Please come back home safely to me.

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